Write an “A+ Worthy” Paper All the Time

Is your teacher asking you to write another essay for the nth time? You should get used to it! Writing projects and essays are common school requirements in high school and college.


However, if you are not into writing or don’t feel confident with your writing skills, another essay project is the last thing you want to have. You may get tempted to type in your search engine pay someone to write my essay. Sure, that is possible! But if you want to learn better and hone your writing skills, you should try writing the essay yourself.


With our helpful and simple tips, anyone can write an essay that is worthy of an A+ mark. Read on.


Know your topic

Before you write, you should know your topic first. Do some research about it. Keep in mind that when you write about something, you are presenting that material to another person. So before you educate others, make sure you have sufficient knowledge about what you are going to present.


Online research is easy nowadays. However, you have to choose your references carefully. Some links may not be credible and you can easily get false information. To find reliable sources, take note of the following:

  • Author’s full name
  • Date published
  • Writing style
  • Domains (.edu, .gov, and .org.)


Organize your data

When you are done with researching and feel confident that you already know your topic well, the next step is to organize your collected information. You may find a lot of data, but you can only include some of them. So before you get overwhelmed by a myriad of thoughts, decide which ones can help you create strong arguments.


Write a unique title

The title is the first thing that your readers will see. Make it intriguing. No matter how good the essay content is, your readers may pass from reading if they think your title is boring.


Here’s a simple tip on how to make a unique title.

  1. Think of a keyword or two. Make sure your title bears the topic and focus keywords.
  2. Add a hook. A catchy hook is like an invitation that draws readers’ attention.



Topic keyword is learning

Focus keyword is digital age


Think of a catchy hook that relates to the keywords above.


An example of a unique title would be:


Classroom without Walls:  Learning in the Digital Age


Use a clear outline

A clear outline makes your paper readable. You don’t need to create intricate structures. The classic three-part outline is still the best: introduction, body, and conclusion. A good and readable paragraph should consist no more than four sentences.


Make a good impression in your introduction

The introduction is the next thing you see after the title. Making it catchy and engaging is key.


Imagine your professor or any reader starting to check on your paper. What would be their reaction after reading the introduction? “This is interesting! I will finish this” is what you should aim for.


Here are three ways to make an attention-grabbing introduction:

  1. Use a quote related to the topic at hand.
  2. Ask a (or a series of) bold question.
  3. Tell an anecdote (make sure the story connects to the topic).


Provide strong points in your body

The body serves as the core of your essay. This is where you will defend and elaborate your points. Make sure your pieces of information come from reliable sources.


To make your essay strong and professional, don’t forget to cite your references properly. You can use the parenthetical or author-date citations in doing so.


Finish with conviction and motivation

Now that you are in your concluding part, you should not lose sight of your goal; that is, to motivate your readers to do something. This is also known as a CTA or call to action.


If the introduction needs to be intriguing, the conclusion must be unforgettable. If applicable, your conclusion’s message must inspire your readers or, at least, your professor.


Start writing an A+ worthy paper now!


Are you ready to write your essay now? Just follow our fail-safe tips and be positive that you will get an outstanding grade.

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