Essay Writing: Its Vital Role in College Education

Before a student is accepted to a college or a university, he has to file an application for admission. Most of the college application forms require the student to answer some questions in the form of essays.


If they accept the student, they will require him to write countless essays. The student has to do them if he wants to graduate and earn a degree. Why is essay writing a need in a college education? Let us examine the role essay writing plays in getting a college degree.


  1. To train the student to dig deeper into a topic


Our society is a society of convenience. Whatever things we need, we can get them without exerting any effort. Things, tools, and gadgets surround us and they make our daily lives easier.


Our minds are used to the convenience that we are born with. This situation somehow induces our minds to be lazy. Whenever we need something, we want it to be here right away.


Take the example of food. Fast-food restaurants and joints are part and parcel of our way of life. For most of us, we won’t be able to eat without the easy convenience of processed foods.


It seems nobody descales a fish anymore. In the past, you had to remove the fish entrails, mix some spices, and put it on the fish to make it tastier. Then we put the fish in a frying pan on top of a stove to cook it. We eat our food without ever thinking about how it was prepared.


This way of life induces our minds to be lazy. That’s one of the reasons why college students are routinely asked to write essays. At first, you might be tempted to ask this: who can write my essay? But writing college essays forces your mind to dig deeper—to focus on the subject at hand. You can’t write an essay without doing that.


  1. To Develop Critical Thinking

You can’t go through college without developing your critical thinking. Writing essays helps university students to analyze. They learn to reflect and pause to think about what they are writing. Once they do that, they are ready to make their conclusion.


This is the only way you can reach a conclusion about a certain argument. Spend time to scrutinize the points and the different positions about the subject. There is no place for assumptions and the practice of taking positions for granted.


College professors also ask their students to cite the references of the information. In the process, they are able to improve their critical thinking ability.


  1. To Develop and Improve Communication Skills


Here is one of the benefits of getting a college education. You are able to develop and improve your communication skills. While you go to college, you are forced to interact with your fellow students and your professors.


Essay writing will help you develop and improve your communication skills. The reason is that you will be able to use new vocabulary and learn new words. You will also learn how to express yourself through the written word. In time, this will interface with the way you carry conversations with others.


  1. To Train in Structuring and Organizing an Argument


Before you can organize a speech, you have to organize your thoughts on paper. That’s a clue on the role of essay writing in college education. You will be able to learn how to structure your thoughts before you speak them out.


If you won’t ask somebody else to “write my essay,” you will be able to learn how to organize your thoughts. Your professor will be able to follow your arguments because you have structured and organized your points in the right way.

  1. To Get a Fund

    of Knowledge That an Ordinary Person Doesn’t Have

If you write essays on various topics and subjects, it will help you get a huge volume of knowledge. You will also be able to present them in different forms of arguments. This fund of knowledge will help you later in your professional life.

You won’t get lost in a conversation, whatever type of topic is being discussed. Those whom you come in contact with will see you as a person who is knowledgeable and intelligent. People like that eventually succeed in whatever endeavors they put their minds to.


  1. To Test the Student’s Grasp of the Topic

Essay writing will show your professor whether you understand the subject or not. You can’t just ask somebody “write my essay” without knowing what he has written on paper. What you have written on your essay paper will show your professor your grasp of the subject.

The teacher will analyze the arguments that you present. He will also examine your analyses of the topic. Then he will see how you come into your conclusion. These are the tools that your professor will use to see if you understand your subject.

Don’t take for granted the role that essay writing plays in your college education. It will help you to be a better student. Essay writing will also prepare you to face life after college and succeed.


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