8 Ways of Writing a Good Quality Essay Title

Writing an essay title is the first step of essay writing. Many students think it is easy to write an essay title, especially when their instructor does not give them one.

Whenever they decide to write an essay title, they end up getting stuck. Essay writing is a time-consuming task that seems easy.

We have suggested ways of writing a high-quality essay title. Use our suggested tips to write an outstanding essay title in college.

  • Use A Simple Sentence For Your Title 

Make the essay title to be clear by writing a simple single sentence as your title. Show creativity within a single sentence. Let your essay content reflect in the title, as this will make your reader understand you better.

  • Let Your Essay Title Be In Question Form 

This is an important way of creating attention to your essay. Your reader will be willing to read or learn more through the question. Use the whole body of the essay to provide answers to the question raised in the topic.

  • Write A Single Word 

Some books authors have shown their writing skills by writing the title of their book with a single word. You can also follow this format when writing an essay topic. This can be used to show your creativity.

  • Make it Easy to Comprehend 

Whenever you are writing an essay title, do not use complicated phrases and grammar. Let your reader comprehend the title on a single look. This will make your message to be passed across without complications.

You can also pay someone to write an easy to comprehend title. If I were you, I would hire experts to write my paper to improve my grades. This service will help save time.

  • Write The Title In An Active Voice 

Many students have landed bad grades because of their essay title by stating the title in a passive voice. The passive voice is a style of writing in which it completely eliminates the action doer of a sentence. This writing style can confuse your reader. To avoid this issue, report an essay title in an active voice.

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  • Write An Eye-Catching Title 

One of the most important ways of developing reader interest is to write an eye-catching title. This will bring curiosity to the reader in knowing the essay content. Many essays do not catch sufficient interest because of their titles. Thus, to get more readers for an essay, write an eye-catching title.

  • Write A Brief And Accurate Title 

Many people get this aspect wrong when writing their essay titles. They write irrelevant titles for their essays. To write an accurate title, ensure that the title conveys what the readers will come across in the body of the essay. Otherwise, the title is irrelevant and inaccurate.

  • Be Real 

Do not over impress your readers by writing the unreal essay title. This will paint your work AS bad and baseless. Do not stray away from the truth when writing an essay title.


Essay title writing is an important step of essay writing that dictates many things about an essay. So, be careful when writing a title by following our suggested tips on how to an essay title. You can also hire a writer to write an eye-catching essay at an affordable price in a short time.

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